Tea Ceremony (Family Only)
We will start our wedding day with the traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony. Starting at Phillipa & Kim’s house at 10am, everyone will then travel to Kim’s parents house for the actual ceremony which will start around 11.30am.

Some information about the Vietnamese Tea Ceremony…

On the day, the bride’s family and bridesmaids assemble at her house to await the arrival of the groom. Generally, only one representative of the family is present at the ceremony. Shortly before the groom’s party is due, the bride slips away to put on her red wedding dress (symbolizing luck, rosy future, passion and love) with elaborate symbols of wealth and good fortune.

Tea CeremonyThe groom’s parents and immediate relatives are preceded by a number of smartly dressed men. They each carry gifts such as wine, fruit, cakes, tea, a whole roast pig etc covered by a red cloth or cellophane. Upon arrival the men are met by the same number of women, who accept the gifts and bring them inside. After the groom arrives, the bride enters by following her parents – effectively giving her away. The party then drives to the groom’s house.

The wedding ceremony begins in front of the ancestor altar at the groom’s house. The bride and groom kneel down and pray to their ancestors for permission to be married and their blessing. The couple then bows to the bride’s parents to thank them for raising and protecting her since birth.

The candle ceremony is next. Lit by a long-time married couple in the family, the ceremony symbolises the joining of the bride and groom and their families. The bride and groom then serve tea to their parents, who give their blessing and gifts such as money in red envelopes.

Western / Civil Ceremony

MontsalvatSatisfying both our cultures, the next part of the day is the Western Ceremony. It is going to be held at Montsalvat (7 Hillcrest Avenue, Eltham, see map) at 2pm. The beautiful buildings and gardens have a European style that drew our attention immediately.

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