Sincere Thanks

We would like to give so many people a huge big THANK YOU for their contribution to our wedding…

  • Sasha, for attempting to teach us to dance
  • Paula, for getting up so early to make the gals look stunning ;)
  • Jocelyn and Seamus for our honeymoon accommodation
  • Emma, Erin, Vi Anh & Van Anh, for choosing and reading their poems at our civil ceremony
  • Our gorgeous Christopher who was the perfect gentleman in escorting Nana to her seat and keeping the page boy at bay (and while we’re at it, the many years of support he has provided to us both).  We hope you know how special you are to us and we’re sincerely sorry for not telling you this on the day of our wedding :(
  • Greg, our brilliant MC
  • Deano, our sensational DJ
  • Little Angelina for being our flower girl & Joshua for being our page boy
  • Oona & Damian, for organising their help organising people
  • Di Thu for selecting the beautiful ao dai fabric from Vietnam
  • Maureen, for letting the gals take over her house the day of the wedding
  • Bay, Tam and Van Anh for helping us make all the bomboniere
  • Tam & Michael, for helping us with all the initial planning and guiding us through how a Vietnamese wedding actually happens! Also thanks for helping with the cooking at the Tea Ceremony.
  • The guests made such an effort to join us on our day:
    • Paul and Maureen from Adelaide
    • Robertson family from New South Wales
    • Cau Nam, Mo Nam, Alex and Christopher who travelled from Canberra
    • Cau Chin who travelled from Sydney
    • The Keating family also from Sydney
    • Andrew from Queensland
    • Alan & Dierdre from Perth
    • Di Thu who came back from Vietnam especially
    • And our very special friend, Guy, who made the huge effort for us to fly half way around the world from Dublin to be at our wedding. We can’t thank him nearly enough for the sacrifices and effort he went to in order to be here for our special day.
  • Our bridesmaids for helping us so much every step of the way with planning and support in each of their areas of expertise! We couldn’t have asked for better gals!
  • Our groomsmen for their advice, assistance and helping Kim through one of the biggest days of his life… and for the wedding. You guys have made it a fun and enjoyable every step of the way.
  • Angelina and Ben who have heard it all from day 1. Not only did they put up with us stressing and complaining, but they actually showed up on the day, looking mighty stunning we might add :)
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