juliaAfter just 11 hours in London, we were flying once again to Bratislava, Slovakia to see where my grandfather grew up. We landed early-ish Tuesday morning where we rented a car off a really nice guy (who spoke perfect English). We told him we were traveling to Kopernica to which he seemed baffled.

Kopernica is a tiny village a few kms from Kremnica in central Slovakia. We got a little lost (as we were gps-less) but eventually made it to Kremnica where we checked in to a gorgeous little hotel with loads of cats :) We then drove a short way to Kopernica, following directions from my cousin Fritz in Austria. He had emailed me photos of my Great Aunt’s house and the foundations of my grandfather’s house.

We had a look around and then knocked on Julia’s door to see if anyone was home. Luckily, Julia, Milan and his wife were home. It took a little while to explain we were Martin Junior’s daughter and husband. We didn’t speak any Slovak or German and they spoke no English which made things interesting! We struggled through conversations about the family, Julia’s 90th birthday, their kids, our travels to South America, Jenny and Liz being in Austria and what they remembered of mum and dads visit. They were so warm and welcoming it was crazy! They wanted us to stay for dinner and even stay the night, but given we rocked up unannounced and barely explained who we were, we thought it would be a bit rude.

After we walked around the property and town for a while (Julia is one fit lady of 90 years mind you), we had another quick chat and then headed back to the hotel… after a few goodbye tears. We checked out Kremnica for a bit before a long nights sleep.

Next day we were up early to meet the cats and checkout. We drove 2.5 hours back to Bratislava airport where we realised we could get the Ryanair bus to Vienna. So after 1.5 hours on the bus, we caught a train just in time to Linz. From Linz we took another train to Saxen and walked to our hotel. When we got there, we were wondering what we were going to say (as we don’t know any German), but we walked in the door and they immediately handed us some keys! Sorted!

josefineWe then walked to Fritz and Susie’s house where we met up with Liz, Greg, Jenny and Tim. It was awesome to see some family and catch up on the last 2 years of our lives! We had dinner at the pub that night and had some great laughs (especially about young Aussies and ‘WOOOOW’ / ‘AMAAAAZING’).

The next morning we drove into Linz to surprise Josefine. We hid at the bottom of her apartment building and Fritz walked her out. She almost walked straight past us until she realised who we were! It was a great surprise for her and she was thrilled to see us all. We spent the day in Linz trying not to look at anything for fear she would buy it for us!

salzburgWe walked around checking out the Cathedral, the old Fort buildings and Martin’s Church after having a lovely lunch. Only 3 magnets later, we went back to Josefine’s house for a coffee and cakes. It was a fantastic day and well worth the effort to get over there before we left for South America.

We took a train to Salzburg that night (missed one by 2 minutes) and got to our hostel late. Kim showed me just how much he loves me by getting up with me at 5.30am the next morning to go check out some places where the Sound of Music was filmed :) Aint love grand?

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