kim_mo1Mo what you say? Mohawk that is… and a mo-ustache. Kim has got himself a new look this trip – only because he doesn’t have to face any clients (or prospective employers) for the next 5 months!

He believes it is part of a social experiment where he takes note of the reactions he gets from strangers. The results are surprising – most people only look for a moment, not daring to cross him! Today he even was pointed at going into a supermarket. He walked in behind me and in front of Craig from our group and the security guard pointed him out to the ladies on the checkouts. Interesting times :)

Anyway, we think it’s a bit long now so might shave it off. At least one day he will be able to tell his grandchildren about the time he had a mohawk!
kim_mo2 kim_mo3

3 Responses to “Mo Wha??”
  1. Violeta says:

    Kim, you look scary in the bottom right pic….
    Hope u guys are well. We have been internet deprived here and there so have just skimmed through ur blog…will give a bit more attention and probably post again hehe. From what we can see….wow it looks like an amazing experience…so out of ur/my comfort zone. Bloody awesome!

    We think of u guys heaps and hope ur travels have been ind to u both.

    Will be in touch
    Violeta + Hamish

  2. Dan says:

    Kim – love the new hairdo mate – look at it this way you could a bit part in a Mad Max film now! :-)

    Hope you guys are having fun!

  3. Kate Monty says:


    Can’t wait till you come back to Aussie :) It’s great reading you’re travels.

    Almost in highschool :) YAY! My teacher is really mean but the student teacher i had inspires me to be a teacher :) Have a great time travelling.

    Today was 27degrees… summer is coming
    Kate :)