cricketWe bought tickets to the Aussies vs West Indies 20-20 match at the Oval – which happens to be a 10 minute bus ride from where we live. We thought we’d be up for a great day out in London to see our fellow citizens in a nice laid back, relaxed atmosphere. Boy were we wrong.

The day started with a storm. Literally. The rain was bucketing down but afterall, this is London! The first match was NZ vs Scotland and we saw a whole 7 overs from each team – whopping :) NZ kicked butt which was good!

Next up, David Boon was driven right in front of us for his 1 bowl thingy. Nice. Except he was boo’ed by the Poms. Strike 1.

So the Aussies vs West Indies game starts and we were mighty excited! Except then our poor Aussies were boo’ed by the Poms. Strike 2.

So they started playing and a few fours, a few sixes, and a few wickets. All good. We weren’t going terribly well, but you know, it’s a cricket match and the Windies really are great!

So teams change and the Windies are now out to bat. Some Aussies walk past with green and gold on and the Poms boo them now! Strike 3 and bugger it, we were fed up. They were so rowdy, loud, rude and arrogant that we were just dying to remind them they were beaten by the Netherlands. Now I know that Aussies can get rowdy, but not down right vicious. We left a few minutes before the end (and yeah, Aussies lost by a bit) and watched the last few overs from a gap between stands.

Never again will we go to watch a sporting match with this lot. Glad we won’t be here for the ashes, that’s for sure…

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