spheringSometimes you get the feeling someone is trying to give you a hint. Well I got the hint. My inlaws are trying very hard to try make me look like a fool in public.

Sphering – To roll down a hill in a hamster blow up ball for fun.
Sphering (Kim’s defintion) – To try and prevent oneself from vomiting in the ball and rolling in it.

The drive to sphering seemed to take forever. With butterflies in my stomach it was a very uncomfortable ride. To make things more interesting Phillipa and I bought the same present to give to our Antipodian friends but for them they think it will be fun.

We arrived early and all I could think about was where the toilet was as I think I need a change of jocks. This didn’t look like fun at all. We filled out the standard forms that basically remove all responsibility to the company. You tend to find these forms at other crazy presents my in-laws/friends have found for me ie go ape, sky diving.

To get into these balls isn’t an easy task. One must take run up and dive into an entrance hole only big enough to slide in. The diving action is like pretending to be superman and flying into a world unknown…ok maybe I just have a really weird imagination. Once inside your four limbs are strapped to the inside of the ball. Just picture two people strapped inside to look like star fish facing each other. The guys tell you to push your back against the wall and keep your head forward. As we sat there waiting for the push I wondered if keeping our head forward was to stop us from chooking on our vomit as it projects across the ball. The OK signal was given and two guys start to push our ball down the hill. A very high pitch scream echos in the ball as the ball picks up speed. What sounded like a cat being strangled was Phillipa screaming whenever her side of the ball was off the ground. As soon as her side of the ball hit the ground it sounded more like a cat being strangled under water. This worked as a perfect distraction to my motion sickness except my stomach kept getting pushed into my skull then ripped out and pushed into my legs. Around mid way through the ball started to bounce which was really not nice. Round and round up and down your body is not made to go through this kind of motion. Partially deaf and with some organs in the wrong place we finally hit the bottom.

Feeling a bit sick I was glad it was only 40 seconds but it was the longest 40 secs of organ bashing I have experienced. Thanks again to my lovely inlaws for being so thoughtful and picking yet again an experience I will never want to put my body through again.

One Response to “Sphereing”
  1. Angelina says:

    Fantastic!!! How are we going to keep topping these presents?!?