These photo’s were taken by a friend of a friend of a… well… friend. This little fella walked into the family’s back porch for some heat relief and made himself well at home! How totally adorable!





One Response to “Oh so cute!”
  1. Kate Monty says:

    Omg! That was the photos(or something similar) that my teacher Mrs O’ Meara showed us that her daughter who’s in WA took.I know you’ve probely heard of the firefighter giving the Koala the water bottle due to the Victoria Fires. I think the worst one is or was KingLake.Its terrible and because they are backburning in KingLake the smoke comes here cause of the wind, and its terrible! I also think its like 181dead so far. They think it’ll come to 300.
    Talk To you soon.


    PS. The closest fire to us is KingLake. On the news, the photos on Google Earth or Google Maps or watever shows the ones before and after!