Clay ShootingAlways up for an adventure and something different, we braved the cold for a morning of Clay Shooting in Essex with our good friends Rachel and Dan. Of course, Kim being the natural athlete that he is, nothing is too much of a challenge for him!

Up at an ungodly hour (or maybe it just felt that way because I went to bed at an ungodly hour), we boarded a train to Southend and slept every wink we could squeeze in.  When we arrived, we stepped one foot of the train and the chill reached our bones!  MAN this country is cold!  It was then that we started to worry about how we are going to survive Scandinavia at Christmas time!!

Clay ShootingRachel and Dan were nice enough to pick us up from the station in their nice, warm car and drive us to the range where Dan and his Dad go clay shooting every other week.  Dan’s Dad negotiated a deal with an instructor to show Kim and I how it is done.  First up, Dan’s Dad showed us what it’s all about.  I think he got all of his first 5 or so shots, so of course we felt a tad under pressure!

So Kim was first to the little shooters box thingy.  The instructor showed him what it was all about and he showed him where the clay thingy was going to go.  So then it was time for his first attempt.  Bang – and he got it.  Dan and Rachel said the look on my face said it all – how on EARTH did he get his first shot ever?!?!  Come ON!  So anyway, I settled with the fact it was just beginners luck until BANG – another one down.  WHAT?!  He followed it up with a third and fourth and thankfully for me (feeling rather competitive of course) he missed the fifth one.  Phew!  At least he missed one!

Clay ShootingNext, I was up on the plate for my turn.  He went over the same things with me.  How I should stand, where the gun should sit on my shoulder and my face… hang about, my face?!  Really?  I take the impact of this shot on my cheek?  Now as you know, I’m no princess, but I still don’t want all my work mates bagging me for having a bruise on my cheek from clay pigeon shooting!

After Rachel telling me about how she doesn’t shoot anymore because of the bruises she used to get up her shoulders and arms, I wasn’t too keen on shooting this damn gun at this point.  But given I was up there, all setup ready to shoot, I figured I just had to do it!

Clay ShootingSo believe it or not, I braced myself, held my breath, briefly closed my eyes and pulled the trigger.  And get this, I got it!  Whoo hoo!  The kick back wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated afterall, but it was definitely there!  I got the next 3 as well and also missed the fifth, just like Kim.

So we ended up pretty close with our scores, Kim got 16 and I got 13 out of 25, which is apparently not too bad for beginners :D

One Response to “Clay Shooting”
  1. Angelina says:

    Up for any challenge, hey? Can’t wait to see the sphering experience!!! :)
    You guys are so assy getting those scores! Why did I get all the unco genes?!? xoxo