Ever been woken at an ungodly hour by a terrifying crash where you break out in an instant cold sweat with no ability to move?  Welcome to our Friday morning!

Time was 3.15am.  We were sound asleep on a school night and then I woke up to a HUGE crashing noise, frozen, I managed to wake Kim (who thought it was part of his current dream) to get him to do the manly thing and go and investigate.  He had thought that upstairs had actually crashed through our ceiling into our bathroom.  I, for some strange reason, thought someone had shot someone and they’d crashed through our kitchen glass door!

We crept up to the bathroom only to discover our glass shower screen was in a million tiny pieces all over our bathroom and kitchen tiles.  It had mysteriously slipped out of it’s bracket, hit the tiles (and damaged 3 tiles in the space of 5cm square – unlucky) and then shattered in and out of the bath.  Scary.  There was a creepy crackling noise too as the glass was settling.

We let our landlord know about the freaky event and she said she thought things like that were only urban legends… clearly not!  We defy the odds again.  Even more strange, when she was installing the new one this weekend, it also exploded out of nowhere!!  Do you think we might be cursed?!  She ended up replacing it with a 5 panel screen – much more safe we think :)

One Response to “Urban Legend?”
  1. Andrew Dorman says:

    While they were at it, did they fix the low hanging wall too? That was the big concern :-)