ElmoBy man, I mean my dad. By best friend, I mean our family’s best friend, Elmo. By tribute, I mean goodbye.

Not many people in this world have the kind of appreciation for animals that my family does. Not everyone can understand how a furry friend can be as much a part of the family as us humans. But for our family, they are. They are more than just a pet. They are a companion for life. And I don’t just refer to the time they share with us on this earth. They stay with us throughout our whole lives, never forgotten.

My sister’s baby from the start, my brother-in-law’s first companion of the non-human variety, mum and dad’s custody battle with my sister, my family’s first miniature-fox-terrier-turned-English-pointer, he was one of a kind.

After turning 67 (13 in human years) last week, our dear old friend Elmo died yesterday after a long illness. We loved him. He was part of our family. We will miss him so dearly.

One Response to “A tribute to a man’s best friend”
  1. Angelina says:

    That is really nice – thanks. He is truly missed – I can’t believe he’s gone and I don’t think I really will ever get over him, as he was such a huge part of my life and like you said – my baby – my first baby.

    By the way. he was 65 years, which is actually quite young! 21 years for the first 2 years, then 4 years for every year after that.

    A beautiful dog that will never be replaced and will forever be missed.