Pressed against glassSince living here in London I have noticed that somethings that used to be weird about this place is starting to become “normal”. It is related to the fine black dust that you see on everything on the underground. It changes you…

Our first reaction to the train system here was that we have no idea what the Poms are complaining about. The trains come every few minutes and the longest you ever really wait is 5 minutes (unless there are delays for one reason or another). We would happily wait for the next train because, unlike Melbourne, the next train is not due in 15 minutes. Once a patient man I have now become a Tube Nazi.

Waiting for the next train in 3 minutes is just not good enough. I want to be on that train and I will do everything I can to get on it. I swear the more Tube dust I breath in the more firey anger fills my eyes.

“Breath in people there is plenty of room for me to squeeze in” – if there is room for you to fart thats enough room for me.

Everyone fights for their god given right to be on that train and they don’t let anything get in their way. I have seen limbs and bags left hanging outside the door as people charge onto the train before those doors slam shut.

Delayed trains make my blood boil – especially if it was a fellow Tube Nazi who caused it. Once the unspoken now falls off my tongue loud and fast…

“Idiot why did you choose my tube line to faint on”.

“Didn’t you hear the mind the gap warning. Stupid fool why the hell did you choose to fall in the gap at my station”.

“Ok there is not enough space for me to fart. Why do you choose to hold up my train by leaving a limb hanging outside the train”.

I am not proud of who I have become. My family and friends would be disgusted by my actions and comments. All I can say is “Wait for my next post – Tube Nazi 101″.

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