Crushing a mobileHow many times have you sat on public transport after a long day at work and heard a whole life story of someone on their mobile phone? Are you sick to death of people talking SO loud on their mobile phones on the train? Yes? Then move to London. Because the most of their train system is underground, there is no mobile phone range… for the moment. It’s great!

But of course, because people can’t annoy you by talking loudly on the phone, they still have their methods. This can be in the form of playing their music out loud (headphones are just overkill accessories) assuming that the 200 other people sharing a carriage in peak hour love the exact same tunes they do.

Just think when airlines allow mobiles usuage on planes once a peaceful place where only loud babies, sick people sniffing and coughing were heard will soon be a den of teenagers announcing “oh my God” over and over again.

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