PotatoesEveryone knows about my obsession with food. If there is something new to taste and eat – I am in. In my new quest to eat the local food of our holiday destination, my first stop is Ireland. I do like eating potatoes but the Irish take it to another level. A level I must say has made me a little sick of potatoes.

Irish potatoes are much nicer. I can’t explain exactly what makes them nicer but the closest thing I can pin point it to is that they are sweeter and a different texture. I did, however, fall in love with boiled potatoes with garlic butter and mashed potato salad. The Irish have made an art out of including potatoes in every single meal in every single way.  Boiled potatoes is not the same as mashed potatoes so in one meal you could be eating 2 serves of potatoes.
The best example of this was in Galway. We went to a nice restaurant serving traditional Irish meals. Phillipa ordered a sheperds pie so we knew there was definately going to be some form of potato. When it came out I could not believe my eyes. There was a side of mash potatoes, boiled potatoes and a cake of mash potatoes to be placed on top of the pie mince.

For the first few weeks back in London I wanted everything and anything that didn’t have potatoes in it. If you ever need a fix for potatoes ask an Irishmen to cook you for 3 weeks and i am sure you will be cured for life.

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