It takes so many people and so much planning for a wedding. We sincerely hope all our guests had as great (ok fantastic) a day as we did! We couldn’t have done it without these amazing professionals in Melbourne:

  • Peter Kotsa – Photographer
    Made our day so relaxed and complete, a true artist with whom we had so much fun!!
  • Phivo @ Track Visual – Videographer
    Not only entertained but made sure we all knew who really was the most important person of the day ;) Who goes first again??!
  • Paula Biasak & Remmy – Hairdressers
    These girls worked up a storm!!! Paula even re-did my hair in between ceremonies – what a legend!
  • Vanessa @ Beauty Profile, Eltham – Makeup
    So lovely and very very helpful, even gave my Nana a home visit!
  • Cristina @ Flower Flower – Florist
    An amazing job, exactly what I’d only ever dreamed of! Brilliant service!
  • Dean Weston (aka Deano) – DJ
    What an amazing job! As always! Kept the party going all night – there’s no stopping Deano!!
  • Carlton Daniells – Celebrant
    Made us feel like friends from ‘way back. We can’t thank him enough for his rose ceremony idea, something we will treasure for the rest of our lives.
  • House of Moshe – Wedding Dress & Earrings
    Patricia was nothing short of amazing and ensured everything was perfect
  • Grounds Jewellers – Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands
    We have recommended David from Grounds Jewellers to a few people now and still, we couldnt be happier with the quality and service. He is a fantastic jeweller with more than reasonable prices – highly recommended!!
  • Greensborough Cake Kitchen & Pasticceria
    Anyone who had some of our cake knows what we mean about this place :)
  • Vanessa @ Skin Deep, QV – Beautician
    I would never trust anyone else with my eyebrows, eyelashes and nails!
  • Formal Red – Boy’s Suits
    Except for the angry guy, these guys were great. The boys certainly looked spiffy and with Kim being so fussy, they must have been good :)
  • Centacare – Marriage Course
    Although some people might think these aren’t worth it – we’d have to disagree with you! We had a fantastic time and learnt so much about each other (even after being together 6 years). Highly recommended!
4 Responses to “Wedding Credits”
  1. Jocelyn says:

    Congratulations on a well organised and much enjoyed event. We had a fantabulous time! What will you ever do with yourselves now with all this free time? It was wonderful to share your wedding day with you xx

  2. Rebecca says:

    Congratulations to you both! It was a fabulous day and I can assure you that I had a ball :-)

    I fully agree with what you say about the marriage course. They are so worth it! Andrew and I went to the El Kanah ( marriage course this weekend and we learnt so much. If you are not into the Christian stuff, it doesn’t matter. They teach you so much about communicating properly with your partner and loads of other stuff. It’s also a good place to express any concerns you may have so you can sort it out before it’s too late.

    Anyway guys, I hope you have a fantastic married life and put what you learnt to good use! :-)

  3. Angelina says:

    What an awesome day!!! I was really sad when it was over! Thanks for having me in your wedding and allowing me to share every minute of your special day. It is a day that I will always treasure, and it didn’t seem long at all! If anything, too short!

  4. ♥Kate♥ says:

    Awesome day except wayyy it was such a good day,
    Good Luck Phillipa on your holiday to Ireland
    Miss Ya,