fOoD mOnStErIts been a long day and you come home to a beautiful dinner. It smells divine and looks great. You are so hungry you can’t wait to start. Just as you pick up your eating utensils you are hit with the big question of the night. Is it best first or best last?

Which would you eat first?

Steak or Veggies?

Burger or Chips?

Main or Dessert?

Can the order in which you eat really make or break a meal?

Does eating the favourite bit last mean it will be cold and no longer nice? Does eating it last mean you can savour the moment for longer after the meal?
After asking some friends it would seem that people either don’t know they are doing it or they don’t think they have a preference. Next time just take note which part of your meal was eaten first. My theory on it all is why eat your favourite bit last when it could be cold or you could be full of other stuff you don’t even like.

If you eat them at the same time just plain WEIRD :P.

4 Responses to “Best first or Best last?”
  1. Phillipa says:

    You should ALWAYS save the best til last :)

  2. Rebecca says:

    I always like to eat my favourite stuff last because it ensures you aren’t left with the taste of the stuff you don’t like once the meal is over. Getting cold has never beeen an issue to date.

  3. Rachael says:

    Yep, save the best til last…gives you something to look forward to!

  4. Angelina says:

    Always leave the best till last!!! Vegies are not there to taste good, so you keep the yummy stuff (ie. spuds and meat) until last!