SkyDiveIt hit me quite suddenly – and very quickly.  And it happened about 4 hours before my first wedding dress fitting.  Those three words – I’m getting married.

Yep, scarily it has taken that long to sink in that I’m actually getting hitched!  After freaking out for a good few hours (and severely needing an alcholic drink), I finally sat down and confided in a good friend.

Strangely enough, he could compare my pre-wedding nerves with an experience of his own – sky diving.  Yep, you read right.  Perhaps the two scariest events in one’s lifetime (add a third for any guy who has to pop the question).

But you know what, there are distinct similarities.  And having been through a sky diving experience, I start to worry that the wedding day is going to be too similar.  For example, both events have these characteristics…

  • You have no idea what is about to happen
  • You get so nervous that you start worrying about the water your wasting going to the loo every other minute
  • You take one giant leap (and yes, some people have to be pushed) into a huge empty space
  • It is entirely possible (and almost excusable) that you may soil your clothes
  • You try to scream your lungs out – but noone will hear you
  • You wake up the next day and it’s done, you may wonder if you actually did it, and there is definately no going back

Scary but true, hey?  But surely it cant be that bad?  You’re marrying the guy of your dreams, you’ve spent months and months planning and organising, you’ve worked your butt off night after night on nothing in particular, but you know you have done something…  Why on earth would you be nervous? 

After thoroughly enjoying the exhiliration of sky diving, in the end I can honestly say it was a positive experience.  All the nerves and stressing, worrying if you’ll survive and hoping like hell you dont make a complete fool out of yourself, is replaced by an amazing feeling that you just jumped out of a reasonably good aeroplane and landed on both feet.  I can only hope for the same on our wedding day :)

2 Responses to “Weddings vs Sky Diving”
  1. Ben says:

    “You’re marrying the guy of your dreams ….”

    Well technically the man of your dreams is ‘Grant’ … but we’ll keep that one our little secret eh?

  2. Phillipa says:

    Hardly a secret now! lol!