Hiring a suit for my wedding I thought was much like buying a suit at a shop, but boy was I wrong.

Fat Giraffe

Looking like a fat giraffe on my wedding day was not the look I was looking for but with the wrong suit/shirt/tie combination I could only hope the photographer was a pro with Photoshop editing.

So what did I learn on my suit hiring excursion with Ben?

For starters you can’t just walk into a shop and hire a suit in most cases. Having a booking seems to be the preferred option for most suit hiring shops. Prinzi in Calton only had a 3 week wait if you wanted to come in on Friday night to try on some suits. Does this mean the shop is really good or does it mean their staff are really slow?

Ben and I did get a chance to go visit some of the suit hiring shops before February without making a booking. Spurling suit hire (Port Melbourne??) and formalRed (Calton). This is where we learnt the importance of a good shop assistant and how size really does matter.

Tips I learnt while suit hiring:

  • The suit must fit if you want to see if it looks good or not. Why are you even trying things on if you have to “imagine it being a little bit bigger”? Don’t worry with imagination anything is possible. Not when I look like a fat Giraffe!
  • Four button suit jacket doesn’t look good on a broad shoulder guy if you combine it with a winged collar and a fat boy tie. In my case this is where I started to look like a Giraffe. The congestion of the high collar shirt and high button suit really makes your neck look really long.
  • Supposingly you do not wear a fat boy tie with a winged collar shirt. Who is right and who is wrong cause the two shops gave me the exact opposite advice?
  • You should start to suit shop 3 months in advance to the wedding. This is to get the sizes right and ready for the day.
  • The person who is going with you must be honest with you. There is no point them just saying “Yep it looks ok” when obviously it didn’t. Don’t worry a well fitted suit with a good combination of colours, fitted shirt and matching tie anyone can look half decent.
  • Colour of the shirt and tie are all based on the brides dress and the colours of the grooms men are based on the bridal party. Before you go suit shopping make sure you know what colours you need to match.

Spurling didn’t have any sizes for Ben and I that fitted. Combined with poor choice of ties and a wing collar shirt caused us to look really longed neck. “Please imagine a better fit” really did not cut it. formalRed were more informed and had many sizes for the right fitting. They gave me good advice and made the whole suit hiring experience pleasant and less frustrating. Their suit quality was much better and felt and looked like real suits (Spurling suits look and felt a bit on the cheap side).

I still have to see what all the fuss is about at Prinzi in Feb but so far I am happy with redFormal. Will keep you updated!

9 Responses to “Why did I look like a fat Giraffe?”
  1. ViAnh says:

    I vote FAT giraffe, fat giraffe!
    Yep, definitely, the fat giraffe look – it’ll leave the biggest impression. Guests will remember your wedding forever. They will be like, beautiful Phillipa got married to Kim, who coincidentally dressed up as a fat giraffe for his wedding..

    Haha, your response to this comment: ViAnh, you’re a dipstick.
    I still say: VOTE 1 fat giraffe
    xx your delightful sister

  2. Phillipa says:

    Poor giraffe :(

    And sorry Vi Anh, not so desirable for me to marry a giraffe!  lol!

  3. johnathon says:

    i typed in giraffe suit on google and this came up.
    its definatley not a good idea to marry a giraffe
    giraffes are pretty cool though,
    but i’d probably choose a human over a giraffe


  4. kaylum says:

    that is so cool

    do they make cloths that big
    im just wondering if you got some for my dog

    many thanx kaylum

  5. kaylum says:

    macdolds has come to africa

  6. james scott says:

    that is so cool i wonder if they do that in my size

    many thanx james scott

  7. Brian says:

    thats a guy from one tree hill
    you know jamie. the litlte dude

  8. Joanne says:

    um ur married to a girrafe? sorry if im wrong i didnt read it but you talk about weddings and ties… o.o; awkward. i wonder if theres liposuction for girrafes…

  9. sarah says:

    when me and my friend saw this for the first time we thought it was real and up until now i thought it was real but come to figure out that its just a suit really pisses me off